“Life changes, and we all move on.”

Well, one small change to my life is that I’ve been informed that my paulhstokes.eu web address is going to be deleted as an unforeseen consequence of the UK leaving the EU (one of the many).

This prompted me to consider my direction for the next few years.

I will continue to work, both as a PrintSmith trainer and as an FSC trainer & auditor for the foreseeable future, mainly with my established customers, many of whom I have come to consider my friends over several decades.

Photography has been a life-long interest, having worked both as a professional and a non-professional photographer, and this will feature prominently on this website from now on.

Web design is something I’ve enjoyed doing for over twenty years now. It just gets easier and more enjoyable. I intend to carry on tinkering with the web indefinitely.

So that’s it. I look forward to helping out my old customers for several years to come.

My new web address is

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