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Barbadian Idyl.jpg

Barbadian Idyl


Beaulieu sur Dordogne

Guggenheim Bilbao.jpg

Guggenheim Bilbao

Biarritz Sunset.jpg

Late at the office

Château de Chenonceau.jpg

Château de Chenonceau

Church at Cargese.jpg

Gargese Afternoon



Foraging Ponies.jpg

Foraging Ponies

Fuengirola by night.jpg

Fuengirola by night

Gibraltar at dawn.jpg

Gibraltar at Dawn

Guggenheim Bilbao 2‎.jpg

Guggenheim Bilbao 2

Near Little Dartmouth.jpg

Little Dartmouth Lane

Indian River 1.jpg

Indian River

Mawddach Estuary.jpg

Mawddach Estuary

Nile Sunset.jpg

Nile Sunset

Petra The Khasneh.jpg

The Khasneh, Petra

Camels at Petra.jpg

Camels at Petra

Plundered Thistle.jpg

Plundered Thistle



Roman Evening.jpg

Roman Evening

Seaton in the mist.jpg

Seaton in the mist

Snowdonia from Portmadoc.jpg

Snowdonia from Portmadoc

Sunset in the Pyrenees.jpg

Pyrenees at dusk

The Pyrenees from Puivert.jpg

Pyrenees from Puivert

Wadi Rum-Convoy.jpg

Wadi Rum Convoy

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